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What do Functional Mushrooms do?

What do Functional Mushrooms do?

- Provide Immune Support*
- Increase Energy and Stamina*
- Support a Healthy Inflammation Response*
- Support Brain Health and Cognition*

Functional Mushrooms

Our supplements are made with only the highest quality organic mushrooms
and come in sustainable packaging made from recycled cardboard.

Sustainable Supplements

Our mushroom-based supplements are sustainably sourced and come in 100% recycled cardboard packaging,
ensuring that you're not only taking care of yourself, but also the planet.


Experience the Benefits of Functional Mushrooms in Earth-Friendly Packaging. We're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality functional mushroom supplements while also taking care of the environment. That's why all of our products come in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard.


We eliminate all mycelium, leaving only the most nutritious part of the fungus – the fruiting body, where all the real nutrients and active enzymes are found.


USDA Organic Certified, Independently 3rd Party Tested, Sustainably Cultivated, Processed, and Packed at the FDA-Certified Facility.


We make conscious choices to reduce our impact on nature. Our packaging is environmentally safe, made from 100% recycled cardboard.


We are using a freeze-drying method to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients to ensure you get the best experience that mushrooms offer.

Organic Lion's Mane

Organic Lion's Mane

Has been extensively researched and has a multitude of proven health benefits

Scientifically known as Hericium Erinaceus, is a stunningly beautiful fungus that is reputed to improve focus, enhance brain function, increase productivity, promote digestion, and provide numerous other health benefits.

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Bundle & Save Up to 10%

Bundle & Save Up to 10%

Bundling two different mushrooms offers a wider range of health benefits by combining unique bioactive compounds and nutrients that work together synergistically.

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FAQ Block

Why do you only use fruiting bodies and not mycelium?

Fruiting body is the visible part of the mushroom that is harvested for culinary and medicinal purposes. Fruiting bodies are higher in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Mycelium is the underground network the fruiting body emerges from and acts as the fungus's primary feeding structure. Mycelium is lower in nutrients because its primary function is to gather and absorb nutrients from the environment and send it straight into the fruiting body.

Do you grow your own mushrooms?

We do not grow our own mushrooms. We are not farmers, we are researchers. At we believe that the best mushrooms can only be grown in their natural environment. That’s why instead of trying to replicate their ideal habitat we source our mushrooms directly from their natural home. As it turns out, mushrooms are really picky little fungi and need the perfect balance of climate and particular nutrients in their soil to thrive.

Is it safe to take multiple mushroom supplements simultaneously?

At Wellnest.Store we recommend sticking with 2 types of mushrooms that meet your specific needs. We advise to consult with your healthcare professional before taking any new supplements, especially if you are already taking medication or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Are your products organic?

All our products are USDA Organic certified, which means products are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, meet strict standards for organic production and are absent of genetically modified organisms (GMO)

What is the best way to take your capsules?

At we usually recommend taking two capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Are your products legal?

We only use 100% legal functional mushrooms that do not contain any mind-bending compounds and are safe to consume.

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