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Everlasting Commitment to Sustainability

Everlasting Commitment to Sustainability

Wellnest Store is first and foremost a sustainable company with green initiatives. While we strive hard to bring consumers the best in mushroom supplements, that being, 100% organic and plant-based, we’re also duly committed to shrinking our carbon footprint day by day.

While we have to admit that plastic is a very efficient and useful component for delivering our products to customers safely and on time, and that plastic is amongst the materials that have a very low carbon footprint, we are also well aware of the devastation plastic is causing to our ecosystem. We have decided to act now, take a step forward, and devote ourselves to the rehabilitation of mother nature.

What's So Bad About Plastic?

What's So Bad About Plastic?

Approximately 36% of all plastics produced are used in packaging, including single-use plastic products for food and beverage containers, approximately 85% of which ends up in landfills or as unregulated waste. Most plastic items never fully disappear; they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces.

Those microplastics can enter the human body through inhalation and absorption and accumulate in organs. Microplastics have been found in our lungs, livers, spleens and kidneys. The full extent of the impact of this on human health is still unknown. Invest in ocean-friendly products, that is easy on the earth.

Our Packaging is 98% Free of Petroleum-Based Plastics

Our Packaging is 98% Free of Petroleum-Based Plastics

At Wellnest Store, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rid the world of plastic packaging to the best of our abilities because we know it’s our responsibility. To that account, we have completely restructured our approach to packaging products, optimizing the use of safe plastic packaging materials that are recyclable.

We are also amongst a handful of companies that offer packaging that is 98% free of petroleum-based plastics. That’s right, we use biodegradable and recyclable materials to invoke a sense of responsibility and accountability in our consumers as well.

Customers Feedbacks


The packaging of these is what originally caught my eye! Super cute, cool and unique packaging! Even now when I look at them, I think how cool the container is haha!

Anyways, I also have been wanting to try Chaga Mushroom too! I’ve heard it can help with inflammation. Which, I know I’m suffering from. I’ve been taking 2 a day for approximately 1 week now.
I do take other supplements and prescription meds. But, I swear I’ve had some more energy while taking these!

Andrea VeserAmazon Review

The 200 capsules is the best deal out of the bunch, especially if you only plan on doing a half dose daily. That brings your serving cost down significantly. Compared to other chaga supplements I've taken, this is relatively competitively priced. I do like that the container is more eco friendly as well. Pills are pretty easy to take, though I do take with food simultaneously. Haven't felt any side effects at least so will wait to see if I get any significant benefits.

Gadget EnthusiastAmazon Review

I feel like these supplements is one of those things you'd only get if you were told to get, or you are specifically looking for. These aren't the general multi vitamin or daily supplements you'd find at any ol shop, so if you are looking specifically for these, my feedback is that they are very easy to take, and provide the gut support and other suitable nutrients that mushrooms have. Pretty odorless and tasteless, so easy to consume without offputting flavors. If you are in the market for mushroom supplements, these are high quality and a great option.

mark techAmazon Review

I've largely reduced my coffee intake and replaced with mushroom "coffee" and these supplements. Capsules are easy to swallow and have no taste. I feel great and do not miss the caffeine "crash" mid afternoon. Two thumbs up!

MattAmazon Review

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